This month is Keeping it Social’s third birthday, and we have a lot to celebrate. We know this Memorial Day came at a unique time for everyone, so we want to share as much happiness as possible. Keep reading to see how you might be able to receive a gift from us!

Team Roll Call

Cheron Keeping It Social

This year brought some exciting new additions to our team. Cheron joined us as Community Engagement Manager, with a fascinating background in forensic artistry and a Criminal Justice education. She loves managing content to help businesses get their voices heard. As Cheron likes to say, “Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.”

Kristen Keeping It Social



Kristen is our Graphic Designer – she knew she would be one since childhood! After graduating from Texas A&M Commerce, she started at an agency, then made her way to working with small businesses and handling freelance design. Her favorite quote is, “Have courage and be kind.”


Sara Keeping It Social

Sara is thrilled to be a Content Creator for KIS. Although her degree is in Music Education, most of her career has been spent in the digital marketing space. She enjoys writing about anything and everything, and loves this quote by Red Adair: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”



Maddy Keeping It Social

Maddy comes back to our team for the summer as a Content Creator as well. She is an education major at the University of Houston, with a focus on kindergarten through sixth grade. She loves being creative! Her favorite way to express that creativity is through music and art. Maddy’s favorite saying is “I have hope, inside is not a heart, but a kaleidoscope,” by Ingrid Michaelson.



Shelby Keeping It Social

Shelby joins us as our Engagement Coordinator Intern. She’s excited to learn about social media and has some perfect hobbies for its visual aspect: track, dance, and traveling. She’s a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut’s quote, “Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.” Welcome to KIS, Shelby!



Charlie Keeping It Social

Charlie is an interesting character, which makes sense since she’s our new Director of Storytelling. She tends to shed a bit more than most of the team, and requires more grooming along with four feet needing pedicures – but she makes up for it with lots of kisses and great inspiration! We’re not sure, but we think Charlie’s favorite quote is “Happiness is a warm puppy.”



Going Back to Cali (and Texas Travels)


SMMW Keeping It SocialIza Keeping It Social

Founder Iza Erskine had an incredible experience at Social Media Marketing World earlier this year. She spent several days in San Diego soaking up the sun and learning how to help clients be even more effective with their social media messaging. Her favorite part? “Meeting awesome people with amazing stories from all over the world!”


Corina-Iza Keeping It Social

Our Project Manager, Corina Massey, stayed busy as well! She joined Iza at multiple Lunch and Learn presentations around the Metroplex. Corina loves having face-to-face interactions with clients, something we all look forward to doing again soon!



CTL Keeping It Social

One of our favorite events took place over this past Memorial Day weekend. Carry The Load is an incredible yearly tradition that allows our community to express our appreciation for the daily sacrifices made by our military, veterans and first responders. KIS was proud to sponsor our own team this year.  We walked over 100,000 steps (over 40 miles) and donated a portion of our company profits to Carry The Load by supporting and carrying the fallen on Team STREAM. We appreciate those who protect all of us!


Happy Birthday to Us – Who Wants Presents?

We promised you something to help celebrate our birthday, and here it is! Three amazing businesses will each receive a complimentary one-hour social media consulting session from Keeping it Social – just Click Here to enter.


Here’s to Many More Years!

Who knows what will happen before our next birthday? This year has already brought challenges to KIS and many of you, so remember that we are #alonetogether and stay strong! We’re excited to be part of your businesses and your lives, and all of us are committed to helping you grow and succeed. We’re here for you and look forward to continuing our journey together.