The Magic of Visual: How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Earlier this year, Instagram reached a new level: a billion monthly active users. It also continues to compete with Snapchat and TikTok by regularly introducing new features – in the past few weeks alone, we’ve seen some users start getting “Suggested Reels” in their main feed. And that’s not the only one: the new “Shops” tab is getting placement testing.

As Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri explains: “We’re starting to test different versions of Instagram’s home screen…These changes reflect shifts we’re seeing from people, both in how they use the product but also how they push culture forward on Instagram: the rise of creators, the explosion of video, acceleration of online shopping. We want to adapt to these shifts while keeping things simple.”

So what does that mean for you and your business? At Keeping It Social, we’d say it proves the importance of connecting with your target audience and keeping them engaged. Let’s look at some ways to do exactly that on Instagram.


Engagement Goes Both WaysInstagram Engagement

Of course, your account is public, that’s an obvious step. And when someone is interested enough to follow, it’s a good idea to follow them back. Whether it’s a personal or business account, people want to feel like they’re important and valued enough to have that favor returned. You also might gain valuable insight into what makes them tick, and how to approach them on a personal level. If they interact through the DM feature, that’s an even better sign, so make sure you’re responding to those as quickly as possible.


Location, Location, Location…and People

We love to travel! And we’ll all get to do more of it again, one of these days. Any time you post, be sure to mention your location. It tells your followers so much about your current clients, where you like to go, and the areas you serve. Remember the amazing pictures when Iza went to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World? And when she meets clients across North Texas, she loves to show those interactions and spotlight the places where they meet (tacos, anyone?). Instagram is great for showing off places and personalities, so make sure you name the place and people every time!


Upbeat Wins Every Time

Maybe you don’t post something specifically about your business every time. We don’t either! We also like to post about our dogs, or about amazing food (tacos again), or just share a positive, encouraging message. It’s been a tough year for most of us, so people want to see cute kids or animals, delicious food, beautiful scenery…you get the picture, so to speak. Avoid pointing out the bad, and focus on all the good we still have.



Sure, there are a lot of things you can do from a technical standpoint to help your business grow your audience and engagement on Instagram. You can even buy followers! At Keeping It Social, we think the better idea is to connect at a deeply personal level. Regularly communicating with your followers, showing your places and people, and focusing on the positive – all of those take time and effort. And we believe they’re worth it, so contact us and we’ll show you why!