When you start a business, using a social media agency isn’t always your first thought when you’re working to get it off the ground. You’re thinking about how to have a successful company, hopefully for many years. What business owners sometimes forget is in this day and age, social media is an integral part of any long-term success. Even if one of your best customers refers someone to you, the first thing they’ll do is look you up online – and that includes your social media. 


You can try to handle it on your own, and some owners can manage to do so successfully…but sometimes it’s just too much to deal with while you’re taking care of everything else that comes with running a business. So it’s often wise to find someone you trust to represent your company and your voice to the world on social media, allowing you to focus on the rest. The question is, how do you make such an important decision? Let’s discuss some things to consider.


How is Their Social Media?


When you’re choosing a partner, you want to make sure they’re currently doing for themselves what you want them to do for you. For starters, you want to make sure they have a blog where you can discover interesting things about them and their industry. It’s a great way to learn about a company’s personality! Then you also want to review their Facebook and Instagram, since those are the two most important (i.e. most frequently used) social media platforms. 


Then look at the content they’re posting. Is it something that grabs your attention and makes you want to know more? Do they inspire you with their images or texts, or causes they support? Do they make you smile at what they’re doing each day, maybe occasionally provide DIY social media tips? If you love what they’re doing to promote their own company, you’ll probably love what they do for you.


How Well Do You Communicate?

This is a big one that is often overlooked. Every relationship, personal or professional, is built on communication. If you establish a level of trust with your social media agency and can hand them the reins with minimal guidance, then you probably don’t need to have as much availability for contact. But if you want more oversight, or can be difficult to reach, then you need to think about that.


Great communication means your message is always clear and timely. You might want to run a promotion or hire new staff, and it may be important that the information is shared quickly. We can provide some or all of your content and assure you that it will be posted when and where you want it to be posted. If you’re going to provide some of the content, you’ll need to be sure to send it before it’s needed – not the day you want it to post!


Does Your Social Media Agency Believe in Their Abilities?


Some agencies want you to sign a long-term contract which limits your ability to fire them if you aren’t satisfied with their work. However, a business that offers month to month terms is confident in its ability to deliver the results you want. Iza Erskine, the founder of Keeping It Social, puts it this way: “We only want to work with people who want to work with us.” As a result, when you sign on with KIS the only requirement for leaving is a thirty-day notice. We stand behind our work and want you to stay on board because you’re happy with it as well.


Does Your Social Media Agency Have the Right Kind of Experience?


When you’re a small business owner, you want someone who understands you and your company, along with your goals and challenges. There are many options for social media agencies, and at Keeping It Social we’re proud to focus on small businesses. We know how important it is for everything you put online to be an accurate representation of your voice and your personality. We take that responsibility seriously.


Having experience means taking the time to listen and gather information, instead of assuming. Keeping It Social has an entire team dedicated to making sure clients feel they’re always in the loop with their social media presence and are thrilled with the results they get from it. We recently celebrated our third birthday, and we’re excited about the future!


Choose Wisely


Your social media agency is an essential part of your success as a company, so choose wisely. Every message you put online should be carefully tailored to reflect you and your brand. Our team at Keeping It Social would love to see how we can help your authentic voice and brand be heard. Contact us today for a free consultation – we can’t wait to hear from you!