We’re very excited to shine a spotlight on Diesta Goldsmith this month. She is a menopause specialist and midlife wellness coach and the owner of Vision UP! As she puts it, she’s here to help women “maximize their midlife years in happiness and health, while living vision inspired.” And we think she’s an inspiration herself! Let’s learn about Diesta and the mission she’s so passionate about.


The Four Pillars and What Came Before

Diesta’s focus for Vision UP! clients is what she calls the “four pillars”: Menopause, Nutrition/Wellness, Vision, and Self Acceptance. The original business was launched with a friend and focused more narrowly on vision, but people didn’t seem to understand exactly what it was they offered. When her business partner took a new job, Diesta went solo with the company and in 2019, met KIS founder Iza Erskine at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. She calls her a “beautiful soul” and felt they were kindred spirits.

In 2020, Diesta finally found her sweet spot and pivoted to specializing in menopause and midlife wellness. And that spring she launched a private Facebook group that grew to nearly 250 members in just six weeks. A series of three “The Doc Is In” Zoom events each featured a different doctor, discussing topics like nutrition, menopause, eating for your blood type, and discovering what your body needs. It was a huge hit!

Diesta is justifiably proud of what she does. “My brand serves midlife women who are struggling with menopause, depression, weight gain, and fatigue, and educates them so they can fight for the life they want.” Also, she loves that her brand has a silly side – you can tell by the hilarious Funky Friday Videos on her website! Her passion is to educate midlife women struggling with menopause, depression, weight gain, and fatigue, to help them fight for the life they want. Along with being a mom and a former bodybuilder, she’s an ACE Certified Group X Instructor as well as an ACE Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

What Diesta Cares About

We asked Diesta for her favorite social media post, and no surprise: it was when she talked about the importance of being transparent. She discussed people’s fears of others learning their inadequacies and turning away, and closed with a reminder of God’s unconditional love, accepting us for who we are.

When asked about her social media influences and inspirations, she mentions entrepreneur Chalene Johnson; business/life coach Dan Miller; Keeping it Social co-founder Iza Erskine; and Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris. Believe it or not, Diesta has a “day job” working as a software manager at Boeing; she dedicates her evenings and weekends to helping women through VisionUP. Her ultimate goal is to grow the company to the point where she can focus entirely on it. Her personal mantra is “Don’t Quit!”

Want to Know More About Diesta? Of Course You Do!

You can find Diesta all over: besides the Vision UP! website, come say hello and start a conversation on Facebook and Instagram as well. Plus, you can email her directly at visionuptoday@gmail.com.

As Diesta says, “You can change the narrative. You can change your health and fitness level at any age. You can change your self-esteem and confidence…you can do something about it.”

Now that’s something we can all get behind! We’re so proud to have Diesta as a client and can’t wait to see what she does next.